Yay for Argentina

A bit late to post, but better late than ever:

"The first Latin American country to legalize marriage between people of the same sex did so on the 15th of July 2010, after sixteen hours of debate. Argentina's Senate passed the measure, which grants gays "all the legal rights, responsibilities and protections that marriage brings to heterosexual couples" with a vote of 33 to 27, with three members abstaining. (The legislature's lower body already passed the law, and Argentina's president, Cristina Fernandez, has long been a strong supporter of the issue.) While Buenos Aires has become known as one of the more accepting cities in the region for gays, the bill was not without its opponents. Some 60,000 people marched on the capital in protest recently, led by evangelicals and the Roman Catholic Church"

Destiny Vs Self-make

With compelling arguments for both sides, and several personal instances too...I'm not quite sure which school of thought I subscribe to. There are instances where it seems one has no apparent control of an outcome and of course several instances where certain steps lead to a desired outcome. Or is it all just randomness?

The Tongue Thruster

The assault of highly inappropriate visuals for advertising continues. This week Etisalat, the UAE's leading national telecom company had rather bizzare visuals for its landline promotion that border on being derogatory.
The visual captioned 'Call India' showed a rather strange-looking squinting kids with their tongues out.


While the 'Call UK' visual had a seemingly regular if not cute dad-toddler frolicking on the grass.


I wonder who excatly were responsible for the use of these images. The client or the agency?

And if you'll excuse me now...I have a few tongue thrusting relatives India to call.

And so to bed

Today, my elevator door opened on the mezzanine floor and I saw this rather interesting poster. Unable to read Arabic, and going by the visual alone, I can safely assume this is some sort of sex accessory bed.


Garlic-hair anyone?

It's true we live in an age where products we actually drink contain 'no fruit pulp and just artificial flavours' and shampoos and soap products or window cleaning liquid come with 'with the natural goodness of lemon' in them.

Here's some products off the shelves of Carrefour that I believe have taken this to the next level. I think you need to really masochistic to use these. What were the manufacturers thinking??? Everyone I've showed it to exclaimed 'Yuck'!!!


An Audit of Friends

They say change is the only constant and on the verge of leaving Dubai, I suddenly feel the need of an audit of friends. I've taken my long list of so called friends which was around 400. Then I subtracted colleagues that I really wouldn't probably hear from again. I got 295. Then I subtracted all the people that I wasn't out to that left me with 40. Subtracted people who hadn't called in a month. I got 10. From then, I did a further personal audit on the basis of who among these I would actually invite for my wedding, if I ever had one and I got 4. Good enough for me :)

This of course doesn't include my friends from the choir, who I am close to, but not out to...we are quite close-knit...and I probably would be out to them if there wasn't this religious angle to it. But I guess they'll always be a big part of my life.

And last but not the least, my roomies Jackie & lu who again I'm not out too.

Dressed to be kissed

Last week I'd received an invitation to the 'Grand Opening of Hershey's Chocolate World' at Dubai Mall. And I was shocked when I read that the dress code was: 'Dressed to be kissed.' Now I wonder what dressing to be kissed would be like! :)


The strange aftermath of Twilight

Condoms, dildos, and porn...the by products of the Twilight craze are baffling to say the least...considering the fact that the series is largely a teen phenomenon. But nevertheless, here they are:

1. The Robert Pattison Manilow
The manufacturers would have us believe that there's nothing more comforting than coming home to the poly-filled arms of this Robert Pattison 'Manllow' on cold, lonely nights. Of course, don't try getting to third base with this dummy, coz it hasn't any. But look at the good side, at least when you wake up, there'll be someone who looks worse than you do when you get out of bed.

Edward Cullen Manllow

2. Twilight condoms

No comments really! But I can't imagine vampires having safe sex after drinking blood.

Twilight Condoms


3. Twinklight

Given we've had flicks like The Gaytrix, Throbbin Hood and The Sperminator I'm not really surprised at this title.


4. Twilight Vibrator

It doesn't come attached to Edward, but for almost $80 at happyendingonline.com you can have your fill of 'awesome sensational pleasure'. One user recommended using it cold, so it feels "like a vampire."

Tantus Niagara Twilight Vibrator

Gone in 2 months

As of 14th August, I'll no longer be the Pajero-driving, camel milk-drinking, shwarama-eating, copy-writing guy in Dubai like my journal claims. I'll be a cycle-riding, holiday-enjoying, tax-paying, traffic battling, fly-swatting Madrassi (or is it Chennai-vasi???)

lot of mixed feelings at this stage, but no real regrets.