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The strange aftermath of Twilight

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Condoms, dildos, and porn...the by products of the Twilight craze are baffling to say the least...considering the fact that the series is largely a teen phenomenon. But nevertheless, here they are:

1. The Robert Pattison Manilow
The manufacturers would have us believe that there's nothing more comforting than coming home to the poly-filled arms of this Robert Pattison 'Manllow' on cold, lonely nights. Of course, don't try getting to third base with this dummy, coz it hasn't any. But look at the good side, at least when you wake up, there'll be someone who looks worse than you do when you get out of bed.

Edward Cullen Manllow

2. Twilight condoms

No comments really! But I can't imagine vampires having safe sex after drinking blood.

Twilight Condoms


3. Twinklight

Given we've had flicks like The Gaytrix, Throbbin Hood and The Sperminator I'm not really surprised at this title.


4. Twilight Vibrator

It doesn't come attached to Edward, but for almost $80 at happyendingonline.com you can have your fill of 'awesome sensational pleasure'. One user recommended using it cold, so it feels "like a vampire."

Tantus Niagara Twilight Vibrator
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