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An Audit of Friends

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They say change is the only constant and on the verge of leaving Dubai, I suddenly feel the need of an audit of friends. I've taken my long list of so called friends which was around 400. Then I subtracted colleagues that I really wouldn't probably hear from again. I got 295. Then I subtracted all the people that I wasn't out to that left me with 40. Subtracted people who hadn't called in a month. I got 10. From then, I did a further personal audit on the basis of who among these I would actually invite for my wedding, if I ever had one and I got 4. Good enough for me :)

This of course doesn't include my friends from the choir, who I am close to, but not out to...we are quite close-knit...and I probably would be out to them if there wasn't this religious angle to it. But I guess they'll always be a big part of my life.

And last but not the least, my roomies Jackie & lu who again I'm not out too.

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